Extron XTP Fiber Optic Receiver With Vector 4K Scaling Ships

extron-xtpsfrhd4k-1215Extron is now shipping its XTP SFR HD 4K, an XTP scaling receiver for extending video, audio, bidirectional control, and Ethernet over one fiber optic cable. It accepts signals from XTP Fiber transmission products, and incorporates the Extron’s new Vector 4K scaling engine, specifically engineered for 4K applications. For streamlined integration, it features on‑screen menus, audio de‑embedding to digital S/PDIF or analog stereo audio outputs, and relays for room control. Ethernet extension along with RS‑232 and IR insertion allow LAN access and remote AV device control. Signals can be delivered up to 700 meters (2,297 feet) over OM4 multi-mode fiber optic cable and up to 10 km (6.21 miles) over singlemode cable. The XTP SFR HD 4K is ideal for XTP Systems that require long-haul distribution and scaling of 4K video.

XTP Systems offer a complete integration platform for a digital AV infrastructure that supports 4K and beyond. XTP II CrossPoint matrix switchers are the first in the Pro AV industry to offer a 50 Gbps switching backplane. They are modular and expandable up to 64×64 sizes, delivering integrated solutions for high performance signal routing between multiple local and remote sources and display devices up to and beyond 4K. They can be configured with a wide selection of local, twisted pair, and fiber optic input and output boards providing integration for a variety of signal types and formats. Twisted pair and fiber optic endpoints support long distance extension of AV, control, and Ethernet to deliver complete end-to-end system solutions.

Here are all the tech specs.