Extron Working with LG Business Solutions to Develop Certified Control Drivers for LG Displays

Extron is working with LG Electronics USA Business Solutions to develop and certify control drivers for LG commercial displays. As you can imagine, this collaboration will result in more certified drivers to facilitate the integration of LG displays with Extron AV control systems.

This move should telegraph where Extron is headed – embedded control drivers or recognition to load and control displays. I suspect we will see more partnerships like this all 2017-long.

LG offers a commercial display products line, including its 86-inch Ultra Stretch displays, 4K Ultra HD monitors including  98” version, outdoor signage systems and video wall displays. Extron provides Ethernet, serial and IR control drivers for use with Extron MediaLink Plus controllers and IP Link Pro control processors.

The Extron configuration approach simplifies the development and programming of control systems. The library of thousands of Extron Certified device drivers enables system designers to easily and quickly deploy powerful control systems that are reliable, sustainable, and profitable. In addition to developing drivers, Extron engineers perform comprehensive interoperability testing on every LG display they receive.

Of course, Extron is here and LG’s Commercial division is here.