Extron Ships VNR 100 VN-Matrix Single Channel Recorder

vnmr100 lg2 0513 300x1871

vnmr100-lg2-0513Extron’s new VNR 100 is a single channel recorder that digitally records and plays back high-definition computer graphics, video, audio and data streamed in VN-Matrix systems. It can simultaneously record and play back streaming content. This provides flexibility for recording and playback workflows, and can help increase the duty cycle of expensive source and presentation equipment. The VNR 100 presents a scalable solution that can be deployed in single source or multi-source applications.

Pre-recorded content can be streamed while an independent source is recorded in time-slip applications, and chase-play capabilities allow time-shifted delays to be introduced into a live stream. Additionally, multiple VNR 100 units can be configured to accommodate recording and playback of AV content presented on multi-screen display systems. As a part of Extron’s line of VN-Matrix streaming solutions, the VNR 100 is ideally suited for AV streaming and recording applications with the most demanding quality and performance requirements. Common applications for the VNR 100 include command and control, training and simulation, multi-site houses of worship, and staged entertainment events.

Here are the details: http://www.extron.com/product/product.aspx?id=vnmr100&s=5