Extron Introduces New Scaling Technology called Vector 4K

extron-vector-scaling-1115Extron has been using Vector 4K in their products for a few months now — we started noticing it mentioned in their release in September when they launched the DTP CrossPoint 108 4K, but now it’s officially been explained. Vector 4K is the company’s latest generation of Extron scaling engines (that apparently will be used in a plethora of new products to debut over the coming months, that they say has been specifically engineered for 4K signal processing — not just modified from an old 1080p engine. For over 20 years, Extron has been engineering their own scaling and signal processing and they have become an industry leader in scaling technology.

Extron says that Vector 4K was developed internally by signal processing engineers that have crafted patented image processing technologies that they say “set the industry benchmark for visual performance.” Features such as bicubic scaling, 30-bit color depth, and 4:4:4 chroma sampling ensure very high image quality while preserving detail present in the original source material. With scaling technology developed in-house, Extron says they can design to exacting specifications and have absolute control over the end product.

In addition to advanced video processing, Extron says that Vector 4K delivers consistent, reliable performance that takes the guesswork out of signal capture and source management. Featuring the industry’s most accurate source capture technology, and the ability to manually adjust image parameters with fine precision, even the most unique signal formats are displayed with speed and dependability. Additionally, scalers and video processors with Vector 4K scaling include a variety of convenient, user-friendly features, such as EDID and HDCP management that streamline integration and optimize system performance.

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Vector 4K scaling technology is featured in the Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K Series of scaling presentation matrix switchers, as well as the Extron XTP SFR HD 4K fiber optic scaling receiver.

Here are the technology details.