Worried About Extending USB? Worry No More as Extron Just Debuted Perfection

ucs 900 series

Extron is shipping the new UCS 900 Series of fiber optic SuperSpeed USB extenders that extend USB data signals from peripheral devices to a host computer over fiber optic cable. These extenders are compatible with all USB standards up to USB 3.2 including previous standards, and support data rates up to 5 Gbps. The UCS FTR 900 Kit includes a transmitter, receiver, 10-meter (32.8-foot) plenum-rated multimode fiber optic cable, power supplies and ZipClip mounting brackets for easy, secure mounting of the transmitter and receiver in furniture, behind a display or under a desk. The transmitter features a USB-C host connection and can be powered by the host computer. The receiver features a two-port USB hub for connecting remote peripherals. The UCS 900 Series extends USB cameras, conference systems and peripherals such as mass storage devices, keyboards and mice in ProAV environments.

In addition to mass storage devices, keyboards and mice, the UCS 900 Series extends many other USB peripherals, including annotation devices, interactive displays, cameras, headsets and speakers. Extron says the UCS 900 Series is ideal for a wide variety of environments requiring the extension of USB 3.2 and earlier versions with data rates up to 5 Gbps — including huddle and presentation rooms, courtrooms, conference and meeting spaces, classrooms and lecture halls.