Extron Intros New TouchLink Pro Touchpanels With Capacitive Touch and Edge-to-Edge Glass

tlppro1720group-0416Extron is introducing the TLP Pro 1720MG and TLP Pro 1720TG, 17ʺ wall mount and tabletop TouchLink Pro touchpanels with capacitive, edge-to-edge glass touchscreens. These 1920×1080 capacitive touchscreens provide a vibrant image and a more responsive control surface. As with all TouchLink Pro models, these new, customizable touchpanels feature faster processing and more memory. Both touchpanels feature video preview inputs that support high resolution, HDCP-compliant video from HDMI sources and XTP devices. For convenience, the touchpanels can receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable. The TLP Pro 1720MG and TLP Pro 1720TG have stylish designs and powerful features that make them ideal for control applications requiring fully-customizable touchpanels with large control surfaces and multi-source video preview.

The TLP Pro 1720MG and TLP Pro 1720TG work in conjunction with any Extron IP Link Pro control processor and are designed for use in AV system applications that require complete, interactive control of a broad range of devices. All TouchLink Pro touchpanels operate using standard network infrastructure and are easy to install with reliable and cost effective Ethernet cable. They are customized using Extron GUI Designer software, which offers ready-to-use resource kits to help design a wide variety of interfaces for rooms and presentation environments. For mounting flexibility, the TLP Pro 1720TG can be removed from its base and mounted on any VESA standard mounting arm or bracket.

For more information on the TLP Pro 1720MG and TLP Pro 1720TG, go here.