Extron Thinks Globally with New Flex55 System Featuring Worldwide AV Connectivity

extron-flex55_0816Extron’s new Flex55 series of connectivity mounting solutions is globally-focused in that it works to specify in any country in the world! Flex55 consists of modules, mounting frames, and enclosures that work with all standard EU mounting systems. Designed for global-compatibility, Flex55 modular, interchangeable components can be installed almost anywhere, including Europe, Asia, North America and all other world markets. The modules are available for a variety of active and passive functions, including XTP and DTP transmitters and receivers, eBus button panels and other AV connectivity solutions. A broad range of AV products are Flex55 compatible, just look for Flex55 and EU models that feature the Flex55-compatible logo.

The Flex55 Series includes a variety of products to create a custom solution. Flex55 SuperPlates offer HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, stereo audio and USB connectivity. Flex55 100 Series Power Modules are available with U.S., Europe, multi-region and USB outlets. The Flex55 AC 101 Multi-Region module is compatible with a variety of AC plug types. In addition, the Flex55 USB PowerPlate 102 provides two 5 VDC USB power outlets and up to 2.1 A / 10.5 watts of power for charging iOS devices and Android phones or tablets.

Here are all the details.