Extron Introduces New StudioStation One Touch Recording Solution

Extron just launched the simplest, but coolest, ProAv product in a while — it’s called StudioStation. If you can’t sell this, you shouldn’t be in ProAV — this will be EASY to sell!

StudioStation is literally a one-touch recording of HD video and audio presentations. To turn the system on, insert a USB stick and press the record button to begin recording. Systems are customizable to support any installation. StudioStation solutions are ideal for flipped classroom recordings, lecture capture, student assessments, rehearsal spaces, moot courts or any other application where making a recording by pressing only one button is desired.

StudioStation uses Extron’s scaling and flexible signal processing for superior recording of nearly all HDMI source resolutions. The default recording setup is configured for 720p at 5 Mbps, producing an MP4 media file which is compatible with virtually any media player or editing software. Using the embedded web page, it is easy to customize the default configuration to meet the needs of many applications.

Here are the details.