Extron Ships TeamWork “Show Me” Cable Retraction Modules

extron-cablecubbymount-1214Extron has announced the immediate availability of Retractor SM “Show Me” cable retraction modules for their TeamWork Collaboration System. Available Retractor SM modules provide the user interface for HDMI, DisplayPort, or VGA sources and operation is simple and intuitive. Extend the “Show Me” cable, connect it to your source device, and press the “Share” button to share your content on the main presentation display. At the end of the collaboration session, cables retract with the press of a button, ready for use by the next collaboration team. Retractor SM modules can be installed into most Extron Cable Cubby Series/2 cable access enclosures using their line of mounting kits.

Retractor SM modules are designed to be used in schools, libraries, conference rooms and other high-utilization environments. Each module includes a pre-loaded, continuous cable for a single signal type and a six-foot (1.8 meters) pigtail is provided on the system end of the Retractor cable to simplify installation and connection to under-table electronics or floor boxes. HDMI and VGA models pass signals from the connected sources without processing. The DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort models actively adapt dual-mode DisplayPort signals to HDMI for use with a TeamWork switcher.

Cable Cubby Mount Kits are required to complete a Retractor SM installation in a Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosure. The Triple Mount Kit for the Cable Cubby 1200/1400 and Cable Cubby 500/700 holds up to three Retractor SM modules. The Quad Mount Kit for the Cable Cubby 1200/1400 includes two mounting brackets that each support up to two Retractor SM modules. The TMK 120 R Table Mount Kit supports up to two Retractor SM modules for under-table mounting applications. Here’s more info on the retraction modules.