Extron Ships HDMI/VGA Switcher with Integrated Fiber Optic Transmitter

FOXTUSW103-0813Extron Electronics is now shipping the new FOX T USW 103, a three-input switcher with an integrated fiber optic transmitter for long haul transmission of HDCP-compliant HDMI, RGBHV, or HD component video (up to 1920×1200 or 1080p/60), stereo audio and RS232 control signals over fiber optic cabling. Analog AV input signals are digitized to ensure that a high quality signal is transmitted to the final destination. It offers features such as EDID Minder, Key Minder, audio embedding, auto-input switching, RS232 control, and real-time system monitoring. The compact, low profile FOX T USW 103 allows for discreet installation such as beneath a table or in a lectern.

The FOX T USW 103 is compatible with FOX Series HDMI, DVI Plus, DVI and VGA receivers. This transmitter can also be used in combination with FOX Series matrix switchers for HDCP-compliant signal distribution systems up to 1000×1000 and larger. To ensure system operability, EDID Minder manages EDID communication between sources and destinations, and Key Minder continuously authenticates HDCP encryption. It’s available in multi-mode and single-mode models.

For more information on the FOX T USW 103, click here.