Extron Enters Wireless Presentation/Collaboration Market with ShareLink 200

extron-sharelink-0914If you’re using or spec’ing the Barco ClickShare or the Crestron AirMedia, you’re going to really like Extron’s ShareLink 200. Extron’s entry into the wireless presentation market is both a quad-screen (like most of the other systems), network-based presentation system AND a stand-alone wireless access point. Like most of the other systems out there, ShareLink allows for simultaneous display of presentations, images, documents and other content from up to four different personal devices (laptops, iPhones, Androids, tablets, etc), eliminating the need to constantly change sources during a meeting. Content from a single device shows full screen, and content from multiple devices appears simultaneously in four windows on the display. Any user can share content and control the presentation when it is set to collaboration mode. And, although Extron doesn’t specify it on its website, we are confident they are using the same AWIND technology that the other systems use.

In looking at the system details, Extron does have a handful of features that none of the others have. For example, the ShareLink 200 includes a moderator mode that allows for meeting leaders to “approve” content before projecting it, rather than it being a first-in-first-out/last-in-last-out type of system. A few other unique features are that the desktop software allows you to play back video files at 30 fps (instead of 15 fps) and you can actually “broadcast” content to up to four ShareLink receivers at the same time (for divisible meeting room applications). The mobile app has DropBox integration for allowing presentations to be played directly from the ShareLink App from DropBox. There is also an actual Wi-Fi access point built right into the ShareLink 200, so there is no need to integrate it into a corporate or campus network — you could have it as a parallel network running on its own.

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Integrated with 1GB/s PoE (Power over Ethernet) networking and two front-panel mounted Wi-Fi antennas, the ShareLink 200 also has three USB ports so that you can connect keyboard and mouse for annotating (yes, it also has built-in annotation). You can connect a USB stick to the third port to allow for PowerPoint, video and file playback without a computer. It’s UL Plenum (2043) rated and lists for $1,690.

Here are all the detailed specs.