Extron Announces Quantum Expansion Cards for Large Video Walls

extron quantum expansion

Extron just announced the availability of Quantum Expansion IN and Quantum Expansion OUT cards that simplify the design, integration, and operation of large video walls. The cards link up to five Quantum Ultra frames together, extending the high-speed HyperLane bus between processors. Once configured, the processors operate as a single system with a common, shared bus. This makes each input source available to all video outputs. Quantum Ultra outputs are genlocked across all frames, maintaining image synchronization and eliminating video tearing. Integrating Quantum Ultra processors configured with Quantum Expansion cards provide flexible system design for large video walls without the need for front-end switching or distribution amplifiers.

Quantum Ultra can accommodate a mixture of display devices with varying resolutions. Features such as output overlap, bezel compensation, output rotation and custom output resolutions provide compatibility with current and next-generation display devices. The future-ready Extron HyperLane bus delivers real-time performance and has a maximum throughput of 400 Gbps, sufficient to simultaneously carry more 4K/60 sources with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. It also possesses the bandwidth required to support evolving signal formats, such as HDR, greater color depth and expanded color gamut.

Sources can be windowed and positioned anywhere on the video display. Static image files such as logos and maps can be stored locally on the Quantum Ultra and displayed with full keying and alpha channel support. Internally generated clocks can be presented in a variety of time formats and in multiple time zones. The integrated VNC client can decode multiple simultaneous VNC server streams for presentation on the video wall. Also, custom color borders can be applied to any window, with support for rounded corners, drop shadows, flashing and transparency.