Extron Pulls Out of InfoComm and ISE

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extronlogo-0212I was saddened by the news that Extron has decided to pull out of exhibiting at both the InfoComm USA show as well as the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show.

For me, it was a bit personal. I was an intern while in college for Extron in 1986 when they first exhibited at the show in Atlanta. I was also there for the next 10 InfoComms as VP of Marketing and Sales for Extron – including seven as the Chairman of the Projection Shoot-Out, the event that many people say was the flagship event for the show in the 1990s. It was InfoComm where we debuted the “Handbook of Computer Interfacing” in 1988, remember that? It was InfoComm where we debuted the RGB 109 – the product that was the first that old thousands for us. It was InfoComm where we held our first BASH in New Orleans at the Aquarium next to the Convention Center. It was InfoComm where we held our first product training seminars and came up with the idea for what has turned into the Extron Institute. And, it was InfoComm where we, all the original staffers at Extron including the president and founder, Andrew, and Ginger, Ivan, Joe, Dave, Mike, Catherine, Mary and I developed a passion for AV through the fun we had just hanging out (or as they might say – being stressed out by me) – at 2 a.m. the night before the show opened making it all work.

Entering InfoComm in June will be strange. Extron’s had one of the biggest booths at the show for nearly 20 years and not seeing their giant S3 logo on that show floor will be unusual. But, let’s be honest. One of the first things I thought of was, “who’s going to have the giant party at InfoComm now.” Come on, admit it, you thought that, too 🙂

Hey, don’t look at me…