Extron Now in the Custom Control Market With Debut of Global Scripter Using Python

According to CodeEval in 2016 (the last year data is available), the world’s most popular programming language is Python — with nearly 27 percent of the market. Java is number two with a 22 percent share and C++ is third with 10 percent. That’s not just AV control system programming — we mean all programming languages for all things.

This was the impetus for Extron using Python as its core language platform for their fully-programmable AV control system products. Called Global Scripter, Extron’s Integrated Development Environment harnesses the dynamic and intuitive nature of the Python programming language — an object-oriented language that enables programmers to reuse code and save development time. Since Python is the most popular programming language being taught to both high school and college kids, Extron believes there’s a path for both entry into AV as well as one that allows AV-based Python programmers to expand value outside of just programming AV products.

Extron already has hundreds of certified EQIPs — Extron Qualified Independent Programmers — as the company quietly debuted Global Scripter and a customizable ecosystem of AV control products and software in late 2015. Extron has spent the last two years making it “easier and better.” For now, the customizable Extron control system products include the eBUS line, the TouchLink Pro line and its IP Link Pro line. But Extron says more is coming.

Global Scripter works with its ControlScript Python library and uses familiar AV terms, which Extron says makes it easier for integrator-programmers to program AV control system projects. When combined with Extron Pro Series control hardware, Global Scripter and ControlScript make a system fully custom programmable.

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We learned today that the new Atlanta Braves stadium, SunTrust Park, is integrated with Extron’s new custom control system running everything AV — and since it’s Python, which is the same language all the other services in the park use too, it’s connected to the system running nearly everything in the stadium.

As mentioned above, Python is an object-oriented programming language that’s known, by programmers, to be easily readable, and editable, making it a very popular scripting language. Python allows programmers to leverage libraries, modules and functions without the need to learn syntax. With ample documentation available in print and on the Internet, there are numerous programming resources for novices and experts alike.You don’t have to learn a custom programming language.

Access to Global Scripter and ControlScript is available to certified Extron Authorized Programmers. Additional programming support is available with our well-established EQIP program, which provides resources to customers deploying Pro Series control systems. Extron Qualified Independent Programming companies are carefully screened and selected to provide expert support for Extron control system projects.

Here’s a video that explains Extron’s philosophy in using Python as well as how it works.

Here’s a site that explains Extron’s Global Scripter.