Integrator-Friendly Extron NAV Pro AV-over-IP Modernizes UFlex Boardroom

UFlex extron

UFlex, a global leader in sustainable, flexible packaging and polymer sciences serving industry-leading corporate clients such as Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, and Mars Wrigley, sought to modernize the corporate boardroom at its headquarters in Noida, India. The boardroom makeover featured enhanced functionality with no visible hardware for an aesthetically pleasing look. The project schedule was very tight, as the corporate boardroom is used daily, which made it difficult to find a time on the calendar to complete the installation. Bisht Price, a leading AV and IT sourcing consortium in India, was brought in to integrate the project. The boardroom is equipped with two professional displays along the side walls and a four-display video wall at the front of the room. The new AV system features an Extron NAV Pro AV-over-IP system complete with the powerful NAVigator system manager, delivering superlative switching, control, room automation, and more. Bisht Price successfully removed the old system and installed the new one within two weeks.

“Extron’s optimized system design assistance, ease of product installation, user-friendly control, and especially their great support team, both on and offsite, all together helped us win this project and end on a good note,” said DS Bisht, Director and Owner of Bisht Price.

02 Display with NAV Decoder

Bisht Price equipped the boardroom table with stylish Cable Cubby enclosures that give the room a pristine, clean look, while discreetly providing users with power and a variety of convenient video connections for sharing content. Extron’s powerful control system and the Extron Control app manage room automation seamlessly from an Apple iPad. Given the need for a discreet installation and the very tight deadline, the ability to minimize cabling was critical to this project. The NAV System was an ideal solution. Using LAN cabling, the installation was done using existing raceways, saving the time and expense of running new cables. The team used NAV Pro AV-over-IP encoders for their ability to stream ultra-low latency, high-quality video, audio, and control signals to NAV Pro AV-over-IP scaling decoders located by the videoconferencing system and behind each display. DS Bisht, Director and Owner of Bisht Price stated, “Extron NAV products helped a lot to make life easier and we were able to complete the job on time.”

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