Extron NAV Pro AV over IP Helps Tie it All Together for Medical School in the Bahamas

wausm extron

The Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM) is an international medical school located in Freeport, Bahamas. The 40,000-square-foot campus consists of two interconnected buildings with about 22 distinct spaces that required Extron AV solutions. The integrator, Multimedia Technologies, recommended Extron equipment because of their technologies for collaborative learning and Pro AV over IP solutions. According to Dariano Joseph, Director of Information Technology at WAUSM, “time constraints and global microchip shortages were an obstacle but the readily available and easy to install Extron products helped us to meet our deadline for opening.” Joseph continues, “Extron equipment was selected because of previous experience in the medical education space, their ease of use and installation, their quality support, and innovative solutions.”

“The NAV technology is a game changer and allows us to deliver content anywhere at any time,” says Dariano Joseph, Director of Information Technology, WAUSM. “You don’t have to be an audiovisual expert to use Extron products and the performance has been great so far. This is the third time in my career I’ve worked directly with Extron’s products on a project and every time has been exceptional.”

From day one, the administrators and Joseph had a goal of WAUSM being a state of the art campus using the latest AV over IP technology to deliver a world class experience to their students. Working closely with Extron, Multimedia Technologies, and AVPR solutions, an Extron EQIP programming resource, their goal was reached. Everyone, from the staff and administrators to the students enjoy a top-quality, engaging learning environment enhanced by Extron AV.

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