Extron Launches Third Edition of the Esports Systems Design Guide

extron esports guide 2024

Extron announced the immediate availability of the third edition of the Esports Systems Design Guide. Due to the diversity and customized nature of esports systems, designing them demands a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of each space. Whether you are well-versed in esports environment development or just exploring your options, starting with a purpose-built AV system is critical. Extron says this newest edition steps you through popular design examples, AV system infrastructure, product selection and important design considerations. The Esports Systems Design Guide will help you deliver an experience that thrills both players and spectators alike.

“Whether your project includes building or upgrading an esports facility, we have the must-read resource for you,” says Casey Hall, chief marketing officer for Extron. “This new edition of our Esports Systems Design Guide discusses distinct AV requirements and provides several examples of actual systems using Extron technologies.”

Many Extron technologies and product categories are ideal for esports environments. The versatile product lines can completely equip multipurpose, temporary or dedicated spaces to ensure exciting and fast-paced action. The AV platforms include standard cabling, twisted pair, fiber and network applications. Audio, control and video wall processors further compliment esports designs. Extron engineers and technicians are ready to help with creation of a comprehensive system to meet the evolving demands and future gaming requirements for the esports competition.