Extron Just Debuted a 4K-Capable USB Docking Station for All UCC Spaces


Extron just took aim at UCC spaces by offering the UCS 601, a 4K USB-C dock that connects USB-C laptops to HDMI displays, supporting up to three USB devices with data rates of up to USB 10 Gbps. The company says the HDMI output supports resolutions up to 4K, while the USB-C input handles video/audio, USB data and even charges the user’s laptop with its integrated 60-watt power supply. Designed for Teams, Zoom and other UC applications, Extron says the UCS 601 4K USB-C Dock is a way to connect a camera, mic/speaker and display to a room that can be controlled by any connected PC or Mac with a USB-C port.

Extron claims the UCS 601 offers collaboration in UC spaces, including simple rooms without a control system. It will automatically connect laptops to the room’s display and USB cameras or other room devices. As laptops are disconnected, the display will automatically go into standby mode, empowering users to collaborate with minimal interaction with AV hardware. Extron says its compact one-quarter rack width 1″ (2.5 cm) high metal enclosure makes it easy to mount within furniture or under a table using the included ZipClip 200 mounting accessory or in an equipment rack using an optional rack mounting shelf. According to Extron, the UCS 601 Pro 4K USB‑C Dock is ideal for Teams, Zoom or other UC meetings in huddle and collaboration spaces wherever a full-featured ProAV docking solution is needed.