Extron Intros New ENERGY STAR Qualified Subwoofer Amplifier

extron netpa u 8001 sub

Extron just introduced the NetPA U 8001 SUB, an ENERGY STAR qualified subwoofer amplifier that outputs 800 watts in a plenum rated enclosure that mounts directly to the Extron SF 10C SUB in‑ceiling subwoofer. Dante Domain Manager and AES67 support ensure wide compatibility with enterprise configurations and other network audio devices. With its integrated DSP for essential processing, the NetPA U 8001 SUB amplifier is the perfect companion to our SF 10C SUB subwoofer. This powerful combination meets the requirements of complex, decentralized systems with a complete space-saving solution.

Features include:

  • Class D Ripple Suppression – CDRS: Three patents form the basis of Extron’s CDRS technology found in NetPA Ultra amplifiers. This technology reduces high frequency radiated emissions that can be picked up by other gear.
  • Class D Soft Switching: Extron’s soft switching design works with CDRS to reduce dissipated power, which increases amplifier efficiency.
  • Class D Power Converter: The power converters in Extron Class D amplifiers facilitate energy transfer for more precise performance while using fewer lifetime-limiting capacitors in the power supply.
  • Low Noise Triangular Waveform Generator: Since a triangle generator is the heart of a Class D amplifier, and triangle generators have audio band noise content, this technology is used to greatly reduce that noise content resulting in a lower audio noise floor.
  • Class D Circuit Bandwidth Extension: This technology advances Class D Ripple Suppression to reduce THD at high audio frequencies.
  • Class D Distortion Reduction: New for the NetPA Ultra line of amplifiers, this technology reduces distortion in the output signal by filtering ripple and reducing nonlinearities as the audio signal passes through the amplifier.
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