Extron Intros New DTP CrossPoint 4K Series with Network Isolation for Enhanced Security

 has added new security features to their DTP CrossPoint 4K Series matrix switchers in addition to more control flexibility and power. An integrated three-port AV LAN switch enables secure control of the AV devices connected to the local AV LAN, while isolating them from the corporate network. The built-in DHCP server automatically distributes IP addresses and network configuration parameters for these devices, which streamlines system setup and management. The new capabilities of the DTP CrossPoint 4K Series are in addition to the many integrator-friendly features provided to design and integrate today’s advanced AV systems in one box.

The DTP CrossPoint 4K Series presentation matrix switchers deliver all of the needed technologically advanced capabilities for a complete AV system solution. This includes a matrix switcher with 4K inputs and outputs, built-in independent scalers that are powered by Extron Vector 4K scaling technology and support seamless switching, integrated DTP and XTP signal extension, comprehensive audio DSP and AEC capabilities unmatched in the industry, a high-performance mono or stereo amplifier, and an advanced control processor that is uniquely expandable.

The DTP matrix’s inputs and outputs are all true 4K and each input has built-in independent scalers that are powered by Extron Vector 4K scaling technology and support glitch-free switching, integrated DTP and XTP signal extension, comprehensive audio DSP and AEC capabilities, a high performance mono or stereo amplifier and an advanced control processor that is expandable. 

In addition, the DTP CrossPoint 4K IPCP features a built-in Extron IP Link Pro control processor, with a secure, dedicated three-port AV LAN switch plus a standard Ethernet port to control local AV devices and safeguard them from outside intrusion or interference. The DTP CrossPoint 4K IPCP delivers high-speed processing and abundant control port capacity for complete, customizable control of an entire AV system, including all source devices and displays, plus lighting, window shades, projection screens, occupancy sensing, and more.