Extron Introduces New Way to Control Room AV — All From Your Mobile Phone

extron qr code

Extron has announced a new way to control your room AV from your mobile phone or personal device. According to Extron, the company understands concerns about returning to workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic — that’s why it developed some new solutions to make workers feel more comfortable with the transition. For instance, there are instances when a user might prefer to use their mobile phone or personal device over utilizing a hands-on touch-panel experience. This can be done by incorporating a QR code on the meeting room touch panel display. The process is simple, and Extron created a short video that demonstrates this and shows the process of integrating the QR code into an interface. Once connected, users will have full control of room AV and environmental controls all from their personal device. No matter how many users are working together, all button presses between the touch panel in the room and your personal device are kept in sync.

View this short video that demonstrates the process described above — and shows you the few steps of integrating the QR code into your interface.