Extron Introduces Microphone that Integrates with eBUS-Enabled Control Systems

extron micerophone

Extron has introduced the VoiceLift Pro Microphone EB, designed to integrate with eBUS enabled control systems to provide voice amplification for a wide variety of installations. The VoiceLift receiver connects to the eBUS port on an Extron IPCP control processor for power and customizable control of events such as Instant Alert or recording start/stop. Wireless technology for voice amplification utilizes digital transmission and pairing in a dedicated spectrum to provide superior performance over traditional systems. VoiceLift Pro EB integrates seamlessly with IPCP control processors and an audio power amplifier to provide a complete voice amplification solution.

Features include:

  • Advanced RF wireless technology provides superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems
  • DSP maximizes sound quality and intelligibility
  • eBUS port provides the required connection to Extron IPCP Pro control processors using a single cable that carries both power and communication
  • Customizable control from the pendant microphone for recording start/stop or Instant Alert
  • Supports up to two microphones for each receiver
  • High capacity rechargeable batteries allow for over 8 hours of talk time
  • Lightweight pendant microphone can be worn around the neck or clipped onto clothing
  • Pairing creates an exclusive relationship between the microphones and the receiver, preventing interference with other systems
  • Handheld microphone is ideal for student use, team teaching, or guest speakers
  • Volume control on pendant provides easy adjustment of audio level
  • Auxiliary mic input on pendant allows use of an optional lavalier or headset microphone
  • Desktop charging station recharges two microphones simultaneously
  • Compact receiver can be mounted in a rack or secured using an Extron ZipClip 100