Extron Introduces 800-Watt ENERGY STAR Qualified Power Amplifiers

xpa_4002-0112Extron has just raised the bar much higher with its new XTRA Series XPA 4002 two-channel power amplifier, a 1U, convection-cooled (a first in our industry at this performance) amplifier that delivers 400-watts rms per channel, and is available in low impedance and 70 volt versions. The XPA 4002 is an ENERGY STAR qualified amplifier with a highly efficient, advanced Class D amplifier design. It also features patented CDRS (Class D Ripple Suppression) technology that provides a smooth audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D amplifiers. The XPA 4002 is half the size of comparable amplifiers, conserving rack space and weighing only 9 lbs (4 kg).

The XPA 4002 features an auto power-down feature that automatically places the amplifier into standby after a period of inactivity, and consumes 30 watts or less when idle and less than 1 watt in standby mode. It also has an ultra low inrush current draw to prevent power circuit overload that occurs when multiple amplifiers are switched on simultaneously. This feature eliminates the need for power sequencing in systems with multiple amplifiers in large centralized equipment racks, and prevents other equipment from experiencing power interruption from associated power surges. Additionally, the XPA 4002 amplifier features very low thermal dissipation under full load, which keeps racks and equipment cabinets cool.

Here are the complete specs: