Extron Gives Away the Best Educational Resource on HDR Ever

hdr-extron-1017With 4K becoming the next big thing in projection and already big in consumer TVs, mastering the impact of HDR (High Dynamic Range) isn’t going to be an option — your clients will want to know (and it will become an amazing sales tool). But do you even understand it?

When  HDR is added to a 4K/UHD display, the differences between 4K/UHD and HD are striking; maybe mesmerizing is a better word. HDR video technology incorporates greater color accuracy and a wider range of displayed luminance than 4K/UHD that lacks HDR. Extron’s FREE white paper tells you everything you need to know to understand HDR — and it includes a glossary, list of standards, answers 100 percent of the 4K HDR questions you will ever get and explains the impact of different (coming) color bit depth standards.

You can download it here.