Extron Fox3 Matrix Switchers Now Feature Integrated IPCP Pro Q Xi Control Processor

extron fox3 matrix switchers

Extron announced that FOX3 Matrix Switchers now feature an integrated Extron IPCP Pro Q xi control processor, with all the same advanced features, processing power, security and breakthrough technologies found in the stand-alone Extron IPCP Pro xi Series control processors. The Fox3 line has now been extended to include the Fox3 Matrix 560x and Fox3 Matrix 840x. With the addition of two larger matrix frames and integrated control processors, the series is now expandable from 8×8 up to 840×840 and provides customizable control of an entire AV system, including all source devices, displays and room functions. FOX3 installations are “intuitive to configure with Global Configurator software, which includes powerful, advanced features such as conditional logic, local variables and macros.” The integrated control processor can also be programmed using Global Scripter, Extron’s control system programming software. This integrated development environment is used to program Extron Pro Series control systems and utilizes the Python scripting language.

Fox3 Systems are the latest generation of fiber optic distribution solutions designed, engineered and manufactured by Extron to meet the most demanding requirements of critical video and audio distribution applications. From point-to-point extension to fully non-blocking matrix applications up to 2000×2000 and beyond, Fox3 Systems claim to securely deliver unrivaled performance and reliability to satisfy even the most discerning users.

The FOX3 Matrix IPCP Pro Series is here: