Extron Everlast Power Supplies Have a Minimum 280,000 MTBF

Extron Everlast power supplies are designed in-house (by Extron) and use the highest-quality components to ensure reliability. Based on actual accelerated operational life testing, Extron says Everlast power supplies are rated at an MTBF — Mean Time Between Failure of 280,000 hours up to an incredible 1,000,000 hours or the equivalent of over 114 years.

Extron has such confidence in their power supply reliability that they have now extended the warranty period to seven years for all Everlast power supplies. Quality and reliability are two of the most important design criteria for every Extron product. The seven year power supply warranty is yet another example of Extron’s commitment to stand behind their products and customers.

Extron provides 12 volt power supplies with many products, and when power supplies are shared, the unused power supplies are tossed aside and could end up in a landfill. Extron customers have asked for a way to trade in these unused power supplies. In response, Extron has created an exclusive Power Supply Trade-up Program for customers. For any combination of fifteen qualifying 12 volt PS Series power supplies returned on an authorized RMA, Extron will ship a new PS 124 Multiple Output 12 Volt DC Power Supply to the customer. The energy efficiency and remarkable longevity of Everlast Power Supplies help to meet green building requirements by lowering power consumption, reducing overall operating costs and greatly reducing waste due to frequent field replacements.

Here are the details.