Extron Launches EQIP Program to Educate, Qualify Independent Programmers for Its Control Systems

Extron-EQIP-Image-0414Extron’s EQIP is a new program designed to provide additional configuration resources to customers deploying Extron control solutions. Extron Qualified Independent Programming (EQIP) companies are apparently carefully screened and selected by Extron to provide expert configuration support for Extron Control System projects — in a conference call I had with the company today, I was told that they even immerse the programmers in the Extron S3 (Service, Support & Solutions) philosophy as, for many users, this will be their primary personal interface with Extron.

The program is designed so that Extron customers and integrators may employ EQIP companies to augment their staff, execute projects, and provide options to configure more advanced AV systems. EQIP companies have access to a variety of Extron resources including web-based tools, continuing education, and control system training. This program is similar to those offered by AMX and Crestron in that they are designed to help customers find “qualified” programmers that can handle larger systems and they are vetted by each manufacturer for their quality, capabilities and training.As part of the EQIP qualification, Extron says that programmers will become ECP — Extron Control Professional-certified. ECP i designed to prepare individuals to successfully deploy and maintain customized AV control systems, configured with Extron’s Global Configurator Professional, and built around Extron’s recently-launched IP Link Pro Series and TouchLink Pro Series products.

Here are all the EQIP Program details.