Extron Enters UCC Space With New UCS 303

extron ucs 303

Extron just launched the UCS 303, a collaboration and presentation switcher designed for UCC spaces. Three inputs support the connection of USB, HDMI and DisplayPort sources, while five USB device ports connect to peripherals such as USB cameras and microphones. The USB-C input provides video/audio, USB, and 60W of power to charge a user’s laptop computer. With the UCS 303, meeting spaces can integrate a room’s USB cameras and microphones with users’ portable laptops into Teams or Zoom meetings.

The UCS 303 also includes auto switching, which can prioritize inputs, providing natural switching and minimal user interaction with AV hardware. Small huddle spaces will benefit from UCS 303 support of TeamWork Show Me cables and retractors, which place control at users’ fingertips. The UCS 303 makes it easy to integrate AV sources and USB cameras for Teams and Zoom meetings, into huddle, meeting, and collaboration spaces.

Control can be accomplished using TeamWork Show Me cables or Retractors housed in Cable Cubby or AVEdge table-mounted cable access enclosures. Users connect their laptop computers to a Show Me cable and press the Share Button to share content to the room’s display. This can eliminate the need for a control system, button panel, or touch panel for simple presentation or Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) spaces.

The UCS 303 utilizes the full capabilities of USB‑C connections, enabling transmission of all three primary AV functions, video/audio, data, and power over a single cable. This all‑in‑one connection eliminates the need for laptops to have a separate power or USB data connection and streamlines the user experience with a single cable connection.

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Here are all the details: https://www.extron.com/article/ucs303ad