Extron Debuts ECM S10 Wall Sensor for Moveable Walls

The Extron ECM S10 is a partition sensor set designed to automate AV system behavior based on the position of a movable wall. The set connects to any Extron Pro Series device equipped with a digital I/O or eBUS port. It uses an infrared beam to sense the position of a movable partition wall within divisible rooms. The ECM S10 receiver offers a digital output port and a 14 VDC output to provide power to the transmitter. For convenient integration, eBUS control modules, like the ECM S10 are linked to the control processor or to other eBUS devices using a single cable that carries both power and communication. The ECM S10 mounts in two US single gang, Flex55, EU or MK junction boxes and includes white oversized decorator-style wall plates.

The ECM S10 is compatible with all Extron IPCP Pro control processors and other products featuring a digital I/O and the transmitter and receiver can be positioned up to 10 feet (3 meters) apart.

Here are all the specs.