Extron Intros DTP3 T 301, DTP3 R 301 Twisted Pair Extenders

extron dtp3

Extron introduced the DTP3 T 301 and DTP3 R 301, long-distance, digital twisted pair extenders for sending HDMI, USB 2.0, audio and bidirectional RS-232 signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded Cat6A cable. These HDCP 2.3-compliant products include proven technologies that extend video with optimal image quality and support video resolutions up to 4K/60 at 4:4:4 color sampling. For maximum image quality and minimal latency, all supported video resolutions are transported without compression. The DTP3 transmitter provides one HDMI input, one USB host port, and a mirrored HDMI output. It is loaded with Extron technologies such as EDID Minder and audio embedding for streamlined integration and operation. The receiver features a four-port USB hub and stereo audio de-embedding for convenient installation in professional environments. The low-profile enclosures and remote power capability make the DTP3 T 301 and DTP3 R 301 ideal for discreet placement wherever needed to meet application requirements.

The DTP3 301 Series transmitter and receiver support USB 2.0 through 1.0 devices with data rates up to 480 Mbps. They are compatible with USB 3.0 devices that can operate at USB 2.0 data rates. Integrated USB signal extension enables connection to peripheral devices over the same twisted pair cable as HDMI signals. The DTP3 T 301 transmitter features peripheral emulation to support uninterrupted communication between the host and the USB device. This technology ensures USB port recognition during system boot-up, even without a connected keyboard or mouse. The DTP3 R 301 receiver’s four-port USB hub allows the connection of several USB devices such as interactive whiteboards, keyboards, mice, mass storage devices and webcams on a single host port.

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In addition to enabling uncompressed extension of video data rates up to 18 Gbps, these new members of the DTP product family support HDR, Deep Color up to 12-bit, 3D, and embedded HD lossless audio formats. A few of the many integrator-friendly features include simultaneous transmission of bidirectional RS-232 signals from a control system for AV device control, Extron’s EDID Minder technology that ensures connected sources power up properly and reliably output content for display, and flexible remote power capability. An Extron Everlast power supply is included with the DTP3 R 301 receiver, which can deliver power to the transmitter. This allows both devices to share one power supply. Also, setup and commissioning are easy with Extron’s PCS — Product Configuration Software.

The DTP3 Series is here.