Extron Ships the Top-of-the-Line Presentation Matrix Switcher

DTP-CrossPoint-84-IPCP-0614Extron is now fully and completely in the digital media switching market with the availability of its DTP CrossPoint 84. This compact presentation matrix switcher is a complete AV system in one box, including a 4K matrix switcher, two built-in independent scalers, integrated DTP and XTP signal extension, a mono or stereo amplifier, audio DSP and an integrated a built-in IP Link Pro control processor.

The DTP twisted pair inputs and outputs allow AV and control to be distributed and sent anywhere you can run CatX cable and they can be used to connect to any display with an HDBaseT input, or tie into a centralized, facility-wide XTP System to add local room-based AV systems. A high performance scaler is paired to each of the two DTP outputs, so that incoming source signals can be optimized to deliver the highest quality image content for display. The DTP CrossPoint 84 also includes Extron EDID Minder, Key Minder, and SpeedSwitch for easy integration of sources and displays.

The integrated professional-grade audio DSP technology in the DTP CrossPoint 84 is unparalleled in the AV industry, based on the same Extron ProDSP technology in the highly regarded DMP 128 and DMP 64 digital signal processors. Integrators can customize system designs and mixes any way desired, with fully configurable EQ, filters, dynamics, extensive matrix mixing options and more. A unique digital audio expansion port links the internal DSP to a DMP 128 for additional inputs and outputs for supporting a large number of microphones or speaker destinations, or to add AEC to a conferencing system. The DTP CrossPoint 84 can also be linked into a DMP 128 on a Dante network for even greater system expansion possibilities. In addition to the built-in DSP, a built-in mono or stereo 100 watt amplifier is included, featuring the same Extron core technologies found in the ENERGY STAR qualified XTRA Series that delivers very high energy efficiency plus professional grade audio performance.

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The DTP CrossPoint 84 features a built-in Extron IP Link Pro control processor, with the advanced features, processing power, and breakthrough technologies found in the standalone Extron IPCP Pro 350 control processor. The DTP CrossPoint 84 allows complete, customizable control of an entire AV system, including all source devices and displays, plus room functions. It is very intuitive and easy to configure with the latest version of Global Configurator software, which includes powerful, advanced features such as conditional logic, local variables, macros, and controller groups for combining with additional IP Link Pro processors to create large control systems. The purchase of an Extron LinkLicense with the DTP CrossPoint 84 allows a tablet or laptop to serve as the primary control interface for the AV system.

Here are all the detailed specs, as well as a video that will teach you all about it – (and shows it only takes 15 minutes to set-up).