Extron Debuts New Digital Audio Matrix Processor

Extron Electronics announced the availability of the ExtronMatrix-1209DMP 64, a 6×4 audio matrix mixer featuring Extron ProDSP, a digital signal processing platform for audio signal routing and control. The DMP 64 features six mono mic/line inputs, each of which can be mixed into any or all four mono line outputs. ProDSP has tools to control level, dynamics, filters, delay, ducking, loudness, and feedback suppression. The DMP 64 is ideal for presentation applications that require advanced line and microphone audio matrix mixing with DSP in a small form factor.

Extron says their ProDSP is engineered from the ground up using a powerful 32/64-bit floating point DSP engine and studio grade 24-bit audio converters with 48 kHz sampling. It is managed by Extron’s DSP Configurator Software, a PC-based application featuring an easy-to-use GUI that allows for complete audio system visualization within a single window. Audio designers and system installers can access the power and flexibility of ProDSP by using this software for access to audio processing tools and audio matrix mixing from a single screen.
The DMP 64 features a dual matrix design. The primary matrix routes the six mic/line inputs to the four output line signals. With the secondary matrix, selected inputs are routed to four “virtual” buses. These buses are then routed into the four outputs via the primary matrix. The virtual buses add powerful versatility to the DMP 64, enabling designated inputs to be grouped and processed together as an ensemble. Audio processing tools, including Filter, Dynamics, Loudness, and Gain, are available on each virtual bus. This dual matrix design can easily be visualized within the DSP Configurator Software.

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As an “audio guy” from way back (who has become, over the years, more of a “systems guy”), I get into seeing products that help make better sound.  In this case, it’s even better with a company like Extron, bringing it into the mainstream of AV systems.