Extron Debuts Classroom AV System Configurator

Extron Configurator 0310

Last week, Extron launched an online ClassroomExtron-Configurator-0310 A/V System Configurator, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop configuration utility that allows users to customize PoleVault, WallVault, and VoiceLift-based AV systems. Extron says the graphical user interface of the Classroom A/V System Configurator makes system customization easy, and wizards ensure that only valid systems are built and vital accessories are included. Users may change or add speakers, change wall plates or A/V inputs, specify mounting hardware options, and select component colors. The Classroom A/V System Configurator can also be used to print or save an equipment list and submit a request for quote to Extron Sales.

Go give it a try at:  http://www.extron.com/technology/classroomconfig.aspx