Extron Introduces the Industry’s Most Powerful Configurable Control System Software

Global-Configurator-Professional-0214Extron’s new Global Configurator Professional is a configuration software for its Pro Series control systems that can be used to configure a system to control everything from single projector classrooms to large, control system designs. Features, such as conditional logic, variables and macros provide even greater flexibility for more sophisticated control scenarios. The Controller Groups feature expands AV system design potential for much larger systems requiring multiple IP Link Pro control processors.

If you aren’t familiar with Extron’s new Pro Series Control System, we recently wrote an extensive review of the system here. And, earlier this week, rAVe’s Gary Kayye and THE WEEK’s, Joel Rollins, recorded a podcast talking about the likely impact of Extron’s new control system on AMX and Crestron — listen here.

Conditional logic allows advanced functionality by making “if” and “else” statements available and with the help of conditional logic, one can easily set up operations that are dependent upon occurrence and non-occurrence of certain events. The Controller Groups feature allows up to four IP Link Pro control processors to be grouped and work as one big controller. This feature ideally serves advanced systems that require more control ports than are offered in a single control processor. A new class of drivers brings greater AV system performance and capabilities. The new Serial over Ethernet drivers expand control capabilities through devices such as Extron XTP Systems that are capable of IP to serial direct port control.

Here are all the details.