Extron Ships Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures and Power Modules

cablecubby1400_60-1398-02-0514Extron is now shipping all four new Extron Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures — the next generation of Cable Cubby cable access enclosures for AV connectivity and AC power. Cable Cubby Series/2 includes the compact Cable Cubby 500, the mid-size Cable Cubby 700, the slim, low profile Cable Cubby 1200 and the unique double-sided, Cable Cubby 1400. These modular enclosures claim to offer the AV industry’s broadest range of AV connectivity and AC power options, including Extron Retractor cable retraction modules, AAP — Architectural Adapter Plates and AV cables. AC and AC+USB power modules are available for the U.S., Europe and other major world markets. Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures are available in a black anodized or brushed aluminum finish to blend in seamlessly with modern furniture and room decor.

All Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures are designed for fast assembly and installation on the job site. An integrated clamp system secures the Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures to the furniture surface and a patent-pending, modular design allows installation AV cables or AAPs from the top of the enclosure, after it’s installed. The Cable Pass-Through Plate features a split-ring design that facilitates cable installation while eliminating the need for separate cable grommets. The AAP Plate can be pre-populated and cabled before installation within the enclosure and most AC 100 Series Power Modules provide two unswitched AC outlets.

Here are all the specs.