Extron Announces the Industry’s First Energy Star Qualified Commercial Amplifiers

Yesterday, Extron launched the ProAV industry’s first powextron-energystaramp-0110er amps that are Energy Star qualified and meet the new Version 2.0 Audio/Video specification (you can read the entire 2.0 spec here:

The MPA 401 and XTRA Series high performance amplifiers comprise a complete family of mono, stereo, and multi-channel power amplifiers for a wide range of applications from classrooms and boardrooms to multi-purpose rooms, auditoriums, and open spaces. They draw less than 1 watt while in standby mode (a 2.0 spec requirement), and also offer low power consumption while idle and under load. Extron power amplifiers feature compact, space efficient enclosures and one of the most unique features is that they do not require fans for cooling.

Extron power amplifiers are available for common A/V applications with various amplification requirements. The MPA 401 outputs 40 watts rms for 70 volt distributed speaker systems in classrooms and other similarly sized environments. For larger installations including lecture halls, divisible rooms, and retail spaces, the XTRA Series offers mono, stereo, and multi-channel amplifiers with 200 watts up to 800 watts rms output.

Check out all the specs at: