Extron and MAXHUB Deliver Scalable Control and Collaboration

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Extron today announced that it is working with MAXHUB to create simple, powerful control and collaboration solutions for modern workspaces. With these scalable solutions, Extron is integrating room control and automation, audio, and video switching and distribution capabilities with MAXHUB, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Zoom Rooms solutions. Our collaboration with MAXHUB brings Extron audiovisual capabilities to the MAXHUB Room Solutions, providing complete AV and conferencing solutions across the enterprise. In addition, Extron and MAXHUB both have products certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms that provide best in class performance and ease of use.

“We are working with MAXHUB, to bring integrated room control and automation to the MAXHUB, Microsoft Teams Rooms, and Zoom Rooms solutions.” says Casey Hall, Chief Marketing Officer for Extron. “Customers can enjoy the convenience of using a single touchscreen to provide conferencing, room control, and more.”

“MAXHUB has partnered with Extron to provide seamless integration of Extron control systems, audio devices, and signal switching in MAXHUB Room Solutions designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and other similar platforms. With a single tap on the MAXHUB Teams Rooms Console, users can manage meetings and trigger automation events such as display power, shades, and lighting. We are thrilled about this collaboration as it enhances the user experience,” says Andy Teoh, MAXHUB’s Director of Products.

As part of this conferencing ecosystem, occupancy sensors can also be added to integrate automatic system and display controls using Extron control systems.

For more information on Extron’s work with MAXHUB, click here.