Extron and Lenovo Partner to Create Scalable Meeting Solutions

extron lenovo
Extron announced that the company is working with Lenovo to create scalable meeting solutions for modern workspaces. Designed to integrate room automation, audio and signal extension capabilities with the Lenovo ThinkSmart, Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms solutions, the Extron/Lenovo partnership will bring control capabilities to the ThinkSmart Tiny and ThinkSmart Hub across the enterprise. With this new solution, a tap on the ThinkSmart Hub screen can control call volume for the room and can send commands that trigger automation events for display control, shades, lighting and more.

As part of this conferencing, control and automation ecosystem, occupancy sensors can also be added to automate system power to turn on displays when participants enter a room and turn them off when the room is empty. Extron and Lenovo are launching a new era of convenience, providing what they say is an effortless, centralized control of AV devices, all to deliver an exceptional collaboration experience.