Extron Adds Two New Audio Power Amplifiers

Extron XPA U 1004 SB and XPA U 2002 SBExtron has introduced the XPA U 1004 SB and XPA U 2002 SB ENERGY STAR-qualified audio power amplifiers, which feature flexible channel pairs that can drive 8-ohm, 4-ohm, 70-volt or 100-volt loads. The individually bridgeable channel pairs of the XPA U 1004 SB can deliver two 100 watt channels into low impedance systems or one 200 watt channel into low or high impedance systems, while the XPA U 2002 SB delivers 200 watts and 400 watts respectively. A rotary switch on the rear panel of the amplifier makes it quick and easy to select the desired output mode.

These convection cooled, plenum rated enclosures do not require empty rack spaces for ventilation and include rack mount hardware. Both models feature Extron’s highly efficient advanced Class D amplifier design with defeatable auto-standby, fast wake up from standby and the company’s “CDRS – Class D Ripple Suppression” technology. XPA Ultra SB models also support remote volume and mute control using an Extron VCM, VC or select MediaLink controllers.

Details on the XPA U 1004 SB and XPA U 2002 SB is here.