Extron Adds Image Reversal and Mirroring LinkLicense for the SMP 111, a Must-Have for UCC Applications

Extron has introduced the Horizontal Video Mirroring LinkLicense upgrade for Extron SMP 111 streaming media processors. This optional upgrade adds expanded functionality that enhances and streamlines the recording of video and audio presentations. Horizontal Video Mirroring flips video horizontally to support lightboard or other applications that require reversal of the video image due to the presenter facing the camera while writing on a transparent surface.

Extron’s flexible framework offers the option to add an Extron Pro Series control processor and a TouchLink Pro touchpanel for an integrated, user-friendly recording solution. A free system template for TouchLink Pro touchpanels provides easy access to SMP 111 recording functions, including Horizontal Video Mirroring. The Horizontal Video Mirroring LinkLicense Upgrade for the SMP 111 will be available October 2019.

The SMP 111 Horizontal Video Mirroring Upgrade is here.