Extra Vegetables Shows Two-way URC Total Control IP Media Modules for Roku, Dune and PopBox at CEDIA Expo

extraveg-0913Extra Vegetables has announced that a trio of URC Total Control modules for Roku, PopBox and Dune HD will debut at CEDIA Expo later this week in Denver.

As well as providing control, all three modules provide tailored graphics for the URC touch panels, remote controls and iOS Apps straight out of the box. For example the Roku module will automatically display Roku channel logos on all URC interfaces. If the customer adds another Roku channel it will automatically be added all the URC interfaces. Both the Dune and Popbox drivers display player state information and progress.

Extra Vegetables will also be previewing full movie database integration with URC Total Control.

The beauty of these media modules is that they require minimal set-up by the installer. All the installer has to do is bring the module into URC Accelerator and make the connections. The graphics are automatically tailored for each media player while maintaining the familiar look and feel of Total Control.

The module is simple to install and enables the following features in Total Control:

  • Enables easy channel selection direct from a URC remote, touch panel or iPad.
  • Logos of channels appear automatically on the TKP-2000 and TKP-7000 touch panels, URC iOS Apps and TRC-1280. If the customer adds or deletes channels the logos automatically update on the URC interface.
  • Keyboard for search and browse on URC touch panels and iOS Apps. Eliminates the need for tedious and slow searching via point and click on the TV screen.
  • Full transport controls
  • Complete integration possible via the power of URC Total Control. Select Netflix and the home theater comes to life

Dune media players enable playback of stored movies and TV shows. The module enables the following features in Total Control:

  • IP control of all past and present Dune players
  • Tailored graphics including colored buttons, Mode, Search and Subtitle
  • Player state information and real-time playback progress.

All the details are here.