Exterity Launches AvediaStream g4415-lk TVgateway with Samsung LYNK Encryption

exterity-g4415lk-1115Exterity today announced that it has launched its new AvediaStream g4415-lk TV gateway. The new g4415-lk includes support for Samsung LYNK encryption, enabling Exterity powered IP video systems deployed with Samsung SMART hospitality TVs to make the most of the efficient and cost-effective Samsung LYNK DRM solution.

The AvediaStream g4415-lk TV gateway captures content-protected live TV and radio from satellite sources and streams it securely across an IP network. With dual conditional access slots and built-in Samsung LYNK encryption, the g4415-lk meets the most stringent content protection requirements and delivers high value and broadcaster premium channels across an IP network .This is specifically designed for hospitality applications such as hotel TV and hospital TV.

Features of the AvediaStream g4415-lk include:

  • Deliver complete content protection to meet broadcaster or content owner security requirements and protect video from illegal copying and distribution
  • Compatible with Samsung SMART Hospitality TVs
  • Integrated Samsung LYNK encryption, no external server required
  • Future-proof IP video technology  with support for 4K,Ultra HD and HEVC broadcast streams

Here are the details.