Expand Your Reach with SYNNEX Financial Services


By Diane Maefs
Vice President of Financial Services, SYNNEX Corporation

SYNNEX Financial Services allows resellers and vendors to challenge, change, shake up, evolve and – most importantly – disrupt their current way of doing business. Providing robust financial services that help support your business is one of the many value-adds of working with SYNNEX.

To understand the benefits of SYNNEX Financial Services and how to take advantage of them, it’s easiest to think of the offerings as five distinct pillars, which are designed in a way for resellers to leverage their businesses and drive success. Each of these pillars individually or in combination will simplify your procurement needs for Pro AV products.

Core Credit Services

The first pillar is our core credit services. These include traditional credit needs, such as net terms, flooring, leasing and escrow programs. Thousands of SYNNEX customers have been utilizing these core credit services for years. As a result, SYNNEX has billions of dollars in active credit lines and available trade credit for customers.

RISE Program

For several years, RISE has helped SYNNEX resellers break down barriers to growth. RISE offers virtually unlimited credit capacity based on end-user credit quality through a secured lock box program. Designed to enhance your cash flow, the program is reseller-branded with pay-on-pay terms.

Our AR services include invoicing, collections, accounting and certified QuickBooks experts who can support your business needs. By serving as your branch office, SYNNEX RISE helps you focus on your strategic business while our risk management takes any end-customer concerns off your plate.

Digital Transformation Program

The Digital Transformation Program is our data center, storage, desktop, network and analytics offering. This is a great solution for customers seeking the predictable IT costs of cloud services coupled with the security and configurability of on-premise servers. Our technology experts can assist with transforming data centers to a mix of on-premise and hybrid services. We offer flexible 24- to 60-month payment terms with a low baseline cost, flexible refresh and dynamic asset allocation.

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The financial benefits include predictable IT costs and the ability to carry assets off the balance sheet. SYNNEX offers right-sized solutions that allow you to avoid overselling capacity by using workload-based technology that provides excess capacity when your customers need it.

Customized Solutions

We offer strategic counseling that provides custom proprietary partner solutions. We can create solutions and finance models that adapt to changing markets. SYNNEX also offers the expertise throughout our company with vertical market focuses. This means leveraging the resources of a Fortune 500 company for exponential growth while protecting your revenue and margin.

Device as a Subscription (DaaS) Program

The DaaS Program is our newest and most innovative offering to date. Transforming away from a capital expense model where customers buy product up front, procurement is migrating toward a subscription model involving easy monthly payments. This allows our Pro AV resellers’ end-customers to acquire technology with subscription-based financing.

SYNNEX DaaS is designed to be easy to buy, sell and execute. You can scale up or scale down. You can make changes like early refresh or early returns. SYNNEX DaaS can serve businesses from small to large with payment plans ranging from 24- to 60-months.

SYNNEX is developing a number of unique ways for our partners to execute DaaS solutions, and our technology platform is one that we are most excited about. The ability to offer our resellers the opportunity to build their own DaaS solution utilizing technology to configure, quote, and send to end-customers is a game changer.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your current and future financing needs to bridge the procurement gap. Email us at DaaS@synnex.com or Rise@synnex.com. Or call our SYNNEX Financial Services hotline at (833) 238-8503.