Exertis Almo Adds XR and VR Headsets From PICO for Business Applications

pico business exertis almo

As part of its focus on providing integrators with a one-stop-shop for all XR enterprise deployments geared toward training, learning and healthcare, Exertis Almo announced it has officially partnered with PICO North America. A VR brand that provides comprehensive Extended Reality (XR) solutions, PICO “helps businesses and institutions boost efficiency, lower costs and overcome technical challenges.”

A full suite of PICO XR headsets is now available through Exertis Almo. Integrators and their end users will have the opportunity to partake in immersive demos at an XR Solutions booth during the E4 Experience, Exertis Almo’s traveling education, showroom and business networking event, taking place in D.C. Metro on March 5 and Chicago on April 16.

The digital combination of real and computer-generated environments, XR is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for enterprise use. According to a report by Astute Analytica, nearly all professionals surveyed believe XR will play a significant role in their businesses over the next five years. The report states that XR technologies allow organizations to deliver immersive experiences, produce new ways of working, and that they drive higher business value through enhanced productivity, employee engagement and collaboration.

“Businesses and schools are starting to incorporate XR headsets with software for everything from onboarding new employees to education-based games and practicing surgical procedures because the immersive experience allows for greater learning and retention. XR technology also saves time and money by minimizing travel,” explained Tristan Aldinger, business development manager for Exertis Almo. “With the addition of the PICO XR headsets, Exertis Almo can now serve integrators as a one-stop-shop for all XR enterprise deployments when packaged with the necessary device management and content software.”

Pico Business VR headsets

The following PICO XR headsets are now available through Exertis Almo:

  • PICO G3 Enterprise: As the first 3DoF all-in-one enterprise VR headset with an XR2 chipset, the PICO G3 is a “budget-friendly immersive solution that is specifically designed for enterprise applications.” It comes standard with PICO’s self-developed business suite application to support device management and scalable deployment in large quantities.
  • PICO Neo3 Enterprise: Created specifically for VR use cases where budgeting is a key factor. This base Neo 3 model has the same chipset and technology as the Neo 3 without the accessories. Comes with the built-in PICO business suite, which allows “ease of use/set up for any enterprise applications. An ideal model for K-12 and other verticals that are trying to keep hardware costs down.”
  • PICO Neo 3 Pro: Features the same headset as the Pico 3 Enterprise above, but it is created specifically for the enterprise market and applications that require longer headset usage. This headset comes with a custom elite strap, special PU foam on facial interface and extended battery pack built into elite strap (neo 3 Enterprise does not) for a more comfortable fit for extended use. Selected often in the higher ed, corporate, and government verticals.
  • PICO Neo3 Pro Eye: PICO Neo 3 Pro Eye combines popular PICO headset with the addition of 6DoF optical precision positioning, which allows the headset to track eyes/face to the millimeter for a more precise interactive experience. Perfect for niche/specialty use cases where face tracking is crucial and must be as accurate as possible.
  • PICO 4 Enterprise: PICO’s latest enterprise 6DoF all-in-one virtual reality (VR) headset is specifically designed to address the needs of businesses in XR. This model provides life-like immersive experiences, ergonomics designed for long-lasting comfort, and world-class data security and privacy protection services.