Everyone Was Wrong: Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Is Real — And a Surprise Accessory

Microsoft actually launched the Surface Hub 2 right after running out of the first version — on May 15, 2018 — yes, over a year ago. But, since then, crickets.

What followed was a host of chatter from both WCD (Windows Collaboration Display) hardware manufacturers as well as from a plethora of the AV press that Microsoft will never ship the Surface Hub 2 (or, to be accurate, the Surface Hub 2S). One company even claimed that Microsoft had dubbed their collaboration board as the replacement for the Surface Hub 2.


It turns out that Microsoft will not only ship the Surface Hub 2S in June but, they’ve also dragged Steelcase back into the AV market with a cool easel-like rollable mount, called Roam, that will allow the Surface Hub 2S to be pushed anywhere — even by a six-year-old.

But, you’re in luck, even though the Steelcase Roam was originally purpose-built for the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, it works with a host of other collaboration boards too! And it includes an APC Charge Mobile Battery integrated into the cart that powers the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 on-the-go. Genius.

The new Surface Hub 2S is nearly identical to what they originally launched a year ago: 4K, integrated i5 quad-core 8th Gem Intel Processor, Windows 10, integrated camera and magnetically charged pen (or you can still use your finger), can be wall-mounted, etc. But, it’s never shown in portrait mode (something they showed back in 2018) and it appears to come in two sizes now: a $9,000 50″ and an unpriced 85″ that won’t debut until 2020.

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You can learn more about the Surface Hub 2S here and you can see the Steelcase Roam here.