Every Solution Has Two Problems, At Least

Internet Wi-Fi. As opposed to those other kinds of Wi-Fi.

So, funny story. Or at least I think it’s funny.

Also, this coincides eerily with the editorial that ran last week, “Going To Get Myself Connected.”

The router in my house has been acting up, needing near daily rebooting.

It occurred to me today that not only have I not updated the router’s firmware lately, I don’t recall if I’ve ever done it.

Lest you think I’m the worst home network administrator dad in the world I haven’t left the network completely vulnerable, it’s got a wicked password and I DID change the administrator login credentials from the defaults.

Looking at the firmware version number on my router, and the most recent update on the vendor website it does indeed look like I may never have updated the firmware.

Okay, so I may not be the worst home network administrator dad, but I’m probably bottom quartile.

ANYWAY. So I update the firmware and reboot the router.

Guess what?

The router defaulted to its factory settings. That erased my named networks and their passwords.

So, that required some extra work, renaming the household networks and changing their passwords back to their old standards.

Fortunately, most of the networked devices in the house (and heaven knows there’s a lot of them) reconnected right away and didn’t need intervention.

The exceptions were the Integra AV receiver and the AppleTV.

Those I had to manually reconnect to the network.

That’s when I found out that their new IP addresses meant the SimpleControl remote control app on our mobile devices wouldn’t control them, so I had to ensure the IP addresses were fixed, and reprogram the controls.

Every solution has two problems, as they say.

At least two, in my experience, and sometimes more.