Esprit Digital’s LUMOS Illuminates PUMA Singapore

PUMA chose the LUMOS LED display system designed and developed by U.K. based Esprit Digital for its flagship store in Singapore.

Orchard Road, Singapore has added another jewel to its crown in the form of a PUMA flagship store. This unique retail environment, designed to mirror Puma’s brand essence of weaving sports into lifestyle, reflects Singapore’s vibrant heritage and Puma’s relentless energy.

PUMA chose the LUMOS LED display system, designed and developed by U.K.-based Esprit Digital. Together with Singaporean integration specialist PAVE, Esprit Digital installed LUMOS throughout the flagship store. According to the company, PUMA is the latest in a growing list of globally-recognized retail brands to choose the LUMOS system — others including Adidas, Armani, Harvey Nichols, Virgin and Westfield have used the system for their stores and screen networks.

“The Singapore Flagship project was a really important one for PUMA, as it is our largest and highest profile location in SEA [Southeast Asia],” said Colette Hilton, head of retail at PUMA UK/IE. “As part of the overall project, we decided to make digital signage an integral part of our marketing strategy, not only to communicate with customers and enhance their in-store experience, but also to attract passers-by into the store. LUMOS LEDs delivered on every level — they can be updated live, look stunning and they create a real vibe.”

Watch the video below to see the installation in action.

“The whole PUMA experience starts before the consumer even enters the store, with a massive 19m x 2m, 5,500nit ‘See-Thru’ LUMOS LED facing the street,” added James Wilder, sales director at Esprit Digital. “This display blends seamlessly into the architecture of the building and grabs the customer’s attention from across the street, enticing them to cross over and explore the wonderful world of PUMA.

On entering the store, customers are transported into the very latest digital era with a double-sided 4m x 4m indoor LED mesh, brought to life by the main attraction on the back wall — a 4m x 1.9m display, situated directly behind the Customer Service Counters and a three-sided 2m x 1m LED display pillar located just in front, creating a visual impact — that customers simply can’t help but stop and stare at, according to the company.

“The LUMOS ‘See-Thru’ LED is a unique product and the perfect solution for when a digital display is needed on a façade,” concluded Wilder. “As its name suggests, it is transparent and allows light into the store, but still has high resolution to display powerful imagery to all passers-by.”