ESP Unveils New Plug-Level Energy Management Platform Technology

Electronic Systems Protection, Inc. (ESP) announced the launch of its new energy management and power protection platform, the eCommandCenter. ESP claims its technology is the first all-in-one solution of its kind that empowers businesses to monitor and manage actual energy consumption, protect equipment and implement sustainability programs, down to the plug level.

Using wireless energy monitoring technology, the eCommandCenter features a package of hardware and software that enables businesses to manage energy costs proactively. ESP says this new plug-level platform independently tracks the energy consumption of every connected device within a business and gives companies a comprehensive report of specific real-time usage patterns across multiple facilities. ESP’s system utilizes a wireless mesh network that can sit on either side of the user’s firewall and does not require an IP address or additional network bandwidth. The platform also has the capability to integrate energy consumption data into existing databases to enable business managers to monitor energy consumption data within their own system.

Simply put, this is a system that allows you to track energy usage of anything that’s connected to an ESP-branded power conditioner or one of their small power monitors (that goes between your device that plugs in the wall and the outlet itself). So, the usage of power is aggregated and that information is provided to you via a web-based or SaaS-based GUI on your computer. And, statistically, knowledge works in power consumption. Typically, someone armed with the knowledge of how much energy they are using will reduce energy consumption 15 to 20 percent.

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