ESP enVision PCS Offers Real-Time Energy Diagnostics

esp-0214Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) new enVision Power Conditioning System (PCS) is a diagnostic and power protection device that measures and records power disturbances in detailed, real-time reports and displays. This cost-saving solution gives service teams the ability to quickly identify power problems that can cause lock-ups and copy quality issues. With fifty power anomalies occurring per month on an average office circuit it will reduce “no-problem found” service calls and parts replacement expenses that negatively impact profitability. Statistically, just informing people of energy usage, visually, creates an 8 to 15 percent drop in energy usage.

enVision constantly measures a wide range of electrical data, such as: line-neutral voltage, neutral-ground voltage, amperage, crest factor, power factor, line frequency and energy usage to inform service technicians when power is impacting a machine’s performance. A real-time scope meter function provides up-to-the-minute analysis of power related events to easily identify problems.

enVision also records over/under voltages, surges, power outages and shut-offs, presenting the data in an easy to read display through a communications module for comprehensive troubleshooting. An internal battery ensures enVision will provide accurate reporting and time stamps, even during extended power outages. Technicians can easily customize voltage recording and shut-off set-points for any device or environment using an easy to use graphical interface.

Additional monitoring and user flexibility is afforded by an LCD interface that provides notifications and easy access to recorded events, parameters and settings. ESP is also developing TCP-IP, Bluetooth, Zigbee and cellular as future communication protocols for enVision.

The enVision PCS is available in five configurations, including a model featuring IEC outlets and 230/10A receptacles for global markets. 230/30A and 230/16A models are also in development for release later this year. Here are all the details.