ErgoAV Details New 160-Pound Capacity TV Mount

ergoav mount

ErgoAV unveiled the Extend & Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B to support TVs ranging from 46” to over 100”, with a 160-pound capacity. The company says the ERMTL3-01B features an adjustment mechanism that’s accessible from the side, designed to make installation easier above fireplaces and streamline the leveling process.

ErgoAV says the Extend & Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B is designed with user ergonomics in mind, featuring several features to enhance television viewing like the 15-degree tilt that reduces glares and allows users to position their TVs at an optimal viewing angle.

Equipped with extension capabilities for space to connect cables and magnetic pull tabs that tuck away out of view, installing the Tilt Mount ERMTL3-01B is simple and quick, according to the company.

The ERMTL3-01B is available starting at $149.99 and all the specs are here: